As of right now, the fastest CPU on the market is the Intel Core Duo QX6800. Quad cores, 8MB of CPU Cache, and 2.9 GHz of blistering speed. It is the king of the hill….for now. It should probably come down a bit in price by the 4th quarter.

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Pair that up with a couple gigs of OCZ memory, a good ASUS or ABIT board, and a monster heatsink, and let the overclocking begin. If you water cool your setup, you’ll be unbeatable! If you’re an AMD guy, go with their FX Quadro Series CPU (2 CPU’s really). It may not be as fast as the Duo, but it’ll rip ANY game to shreds on MAX detail with all the eye candy turned on. Hell, the regular Core Duo and the the regular FX series will walk on ANY game with everything on MAX! You really don’t NEED a quad core CPU, but since you’re going with those G9 cards, it sounds like $$ ain’t an issue. Besides, games & even most apps are just starting to have true 64 bit support, let alone be optimized for dual or even QUAD core CPU’s. Trust me, those quad cores will NOT be fully used with your games. Even most of the high end games will barely use 2 cores without a patch or an update. I’ve seen many instances where a single core CPU of nearly the same speed gets a higher FPS in games and benchmarks. If money isn’t an issue, get the Quad Core. If you’re not a millionaire, just get a good Core Duo or an Athlon FX-74. And if anyone tells you thats not enough, remember this… I’ve got a 32 bit Athlon 2600 XP-M Clocked at 2.6 GHz, and my graphics TOTALLY SMOKE an Xbox, and are right on par with the Xbox360. And it’s an AGP rig!!
It’s the GPU not the CPU that makes your games! There isn’t a game that I’ve thrown at my rig on ULTRA quality, and not had it run beautifully. Doom 3, Quake 4, F.E.A.R,
Half-ife 2, & even Oblivion. Totally MAXXED. No Problem.

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