CPU intensive Far Cry 3:

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You will find that most games are sufficient for i3-2100, but max out the CPU to 100% and a GPU running at 60% is CPU bottlenecking and not getting the highest frame rates. There are not a lot of games that an i3-2100 cannot handle at maximum settings, but, as I wrote to start, sometimes; as it depends by game and display and the game settings.
It is a good CPU. but an excellent GPU.
About 20% from generic GTX 670
and within 7% of a generic GTX 660 ti
Adding: Just because a few games require lower settings does not say to get a cheaper lower graphics card. It says, you can think about an i5 CPU as next upgrade to cover the rest of the games. http://www.techspot.com/review/458-battlefield-3-performance/page7.html
Raising CPU above recommended gets very few fps as minimum or average, but below recommended does have an impact.
Closing add: It is not an easy thing to explain or show in a table. It is almost as hard to explain as RAM speed above a CPUs memory controller specs.

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